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The Hind Gut Acidity Bandwagon is Dangerous

It’s the trendy diagnosis.  Hind gut acidity, sometimes used synonymously with hind gut ulcers, is blamed for a staggering array of signs ranging from poor appetite to cracked hooves to right hind lameness and any undesirable behavior trait you can … Continue reading

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He took his time getting here, but Old Man Winter has officially arrived!

Winter horse care can be more demanding than any other time of the year as lower temps, wind and wet conditions cause a higher demand on a horse’s body for heat production. Here are 5 tips to supplementing during the … Continue reading

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Understanding a Horse’s Digestion The horse evolved to graze and process high fiber grasses, not grains or other concentrated feeds. To process these successfully requires a well coordinated interplay involving the horse’s own digestive enzymes and the microbes living in … Continue reading

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