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Peak Allergy Season Is Almost Here

Spring is just around the corner and with it all the plants, molds and insects that can spell allergy. Studies in several species and different equine breeds have uncovered a genetic predisposition to develop allergies and even which genes are … Continue reading

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Plants and the Immune System

Green drinks are a hot human health craze these days and with good reason. Plant pigments possess a variety of beneficial properties for the immune system. Green pigment (chlorophyll) is only a piece of the picture.  Flavonoids, carotenes, lycopene, zeaxanthin, … Continue reading

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Canine DCM Again

For those of you following the alleged connection between dilated cardiomyopathy and canine dog foods, finally a voice of reason: https://www.petfoodindustry.com/blogs/10-debunking-pet-food-myths-and-misconceptions/post/8475-beg-pet-food-and-dcm-part-2-is-veterinary-bias-at-play?utm_source=KnowledgeMarketing&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Petfood%20Industry%20News&utm_campaign=Petfood%20Industry%20News_Wed_9_11_19&eid=437129444&bid=2518015 Also nice to see carnitine finally mentioned. Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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