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The Equine Intestinal Microbiome

The intestinal microbiome is trending, and judging by interest in pre- and probiotics it’s a rather longstanding interest too. Research has actually generated quite a lot of interesting information recently but we are light years away from really understanding how … Continue reading

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Fall Laminitis

Your horse should be kicking up her heels in the cool, crisp autumn air but every year some are struck by laminitis.  There are several distinct groups of horses at risk and they all have EMS/high insulin in common. A … Continue reading

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Rethinking Deworming Strategy

Deworming by fecal egg count (FEC) is advocated as a way to avoid overexposure of parasites to deworming drugs. It’s important to understand the effect of deworming by FEC is primarily to minimize environmental contamination, not optimally protect the individual. … Continue reading

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Canine DCM Again

For those of you following the alleged connection between dilated cardiomyopathy and canine dog foods, finally a voice of reason: Also nice to see carnitine finally mentioned. Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Tendon and Ligament Care

Tendons and ligaments are specialized forms of connective tissue. Tendons connect muscle to bone. Ligaments are anchored only to bone at each end.  Both are composed of interwoven strands of type I collagen protein in a structure much like a … Continue reading

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