Is Nutrition Alternative Therapy?

It’s no secret that I have spent the last 35 years emphasizing the importance of nutrition.  My office has a bottle of penicillin and Banamine for emergency only instead of a wall of medicines.  I’ve even been called a tree hugger, which doesn’t make a lot of sense but I suppose means on the fringe.  However, I do not consider nutrition to be a form of alternative therapy.


My minimalist pharmacy is not because I have a problem with using drugs.  It’s just that we don’t often need them.  Drugs have an important place in horse care.  Some, like antibiotics and deworming medications, have made a huge contribution both to longevity and quality of life.  That said, good health is about more than drugs.

Nutrition is the most misunderstood and under utilized tool for creating, maintaining and restoring vibrant health. There is much more to it than just providing enough calories to hold a good weight.  There is no substitute for correct nutrition.  It can accomplish things that no drugs can do.  There are also  disorders that can only be treated with the correct nutrition.

Nutrition is not an alternative therapy.  It’s an indispensable part of optimal health.  It’s not on the fringes of health care – or at least shouldn’t be.  Nutrition is a science and worthy of respect.

For an example of what’s possible from the human standpoint, read:

Eleanor Kellon, VMD



About Dr. Kellon

Graduate of University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School. Owner of Equine Nutritional Solutions,, industry and private nutritional consultations, online nutritional courses. Staff Veterinary Expert at Uckele Health and Nutrition.
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